HSCCL Community Workday!

Saturday March 5th 9am-Finished

Food Provided

Thank you for helping your local community animal shelter! There are many ways you can contribute! Please find a list of volunteer opportunities following:

Volunteer! We need extra hands to clean, build, pet, brush, bathe, and take dogs to adoption events! Please consider attending our workday on Saturday, March 5th any time between 11am and 4pm. We look forward to sharing community, hot dogs and refreshments, and the love of animals with all of our volunteers.

The following may be things the shelter needs help getting done:

Handyman work!



Enrichment/play/grooming/walking/training dogs and cats!

Sign up here to become a shelter volunteer!

Fostering saves lives! Consider taking a shelter pet into your home temporarily to free up space in the shelter kennels. You can ask staff to select a dog who will suit your family best and feel great saving lives while you cuddle an extra pup! Sign up to become a foster here!

Donate desperately needed supplies! Please find the shelter’s list of supplies here. Donate monetary contributions for the shelter (often used for medical care, alternate supplies, or more help!) if you’d find that simpler.