Imagine a world where there aren’t any unloved dogs. A world where training was so available that every dog was a pleasure to be around and easily found a home because dog ownership was so easy.  That is the world I want to see. That is why I started Come Sit Stay. We are here to make training enjoyable, affordable, and simple.

I have more than 15 years of experience training in obedience, rescue rehabilitation, Canine Good Citizenship award, Therapy dog training, and service dog training. Please contact me for information on programs, specials, discounts, and with any questions. I’m here to help!

We believe in positive reinforcement and force free training. Science and good sense indicate that any animal will respond better to rewards for good behavior. For more information, please contact us.

It is our belief that the relationship between an animal and a human is a tenuous balance of trust and respect. Confidence, caution, consistency, and care should be applied in all aspects of animal management. When these tenets are applied in life you can create a relationship that is inspirational.


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  1. I have been fostering 3 male puppies for a couple of months and I need help. They are now around 8 months old and are starting to fight each other. I tried to teach them to walk on a leash but couldn’t do it in a group setting. I really need someone else to foster and train two of them and I could handle one by himself. I will pay to board and train them and neuter them. Dr. Lisa Jones and Cheryl gave me your name.

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