Service Dog Training

We recognize that there is a serious shortage of affordable service dogs. In order to help remedy this growing concern, we have designed all of our training programs to provide a solid foundation for a service dog. We recommend that clients start with our beginner obedience program. From there, we offer other programs designed to shape a dog into the most helpful, obedient dog possible.

Intermediate obedience teaches defined heel work and leash manners, scent work that is often indispensable in a service dog, distance obedience, and object identification. These cues can help a dog to find people, places, or objects. Dogs also learn the basics of how to work off lead and at a distance from the handler.

We have developed effective Task Training and Public Access curricula which teach your dog to function in public, to perform tasks specific to the handler, manners essential to a working dog, and a focus that will keep the handler safe.

Dogs can learn all of these things through private lessons, boarded training, and due to an influx of clients pursuing owner-trained service dogs in our area, we are happy to organize group classes focusing on task training and public access.

Clients who need more personalized assistance or who require more support than private lessons or group classes may afford should look into our modified boarded training service dog programs.