Other Services


We are happy to offer daycare and traditional boarding.. Current clients are offered a discount. Schedule your boarding and know your dogs are safe and happy while you’ll be gone. We require all boarded dogs to be up to date on vaccinations and currently taking heartworm and flea preventative.

Online Consultations

We offer online training and consultations at a rate of $50/hour, usually divided into two 30 minute sessions. Our standard consultations provide in depth, personalized communication on a private video chat platform. We are happy to skype with you, talk on the phone, and help you work out individual problems quickly and efficiently. Schedule an appointment and let us help!

Online Courses

We are currently collaborating to develop an incredible online training class experience. Classes will include quality video instruction featuring adoptable dogs from the local humane society, downloadable written instruction, and access to the trainer for questions and answers.


We offer limited, health-based grooming services. We can assist you with nail trims, teeth brushing, and bathing as needed. For local aesthetic grooming purposes, we highly recommend Dee and Mary at PetSense in Gun Barrel City. 9038870714

Discounts and Payment Plans

We offer discounts for the following demographics:

Rescued pets with documentation from the vet, rescue organization, or shelter

Civil servants including military, police, fire department, teachers, and EMT

Senior Citizens

Payment plans are accepted when agreed upon in advance. Cost of training should never be a reason for a pet to lose his family. Contact us. We can work with you.

AKC Testing

Our trainer is a certified AKC Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss testing!

To ensure that all dogs live their best lives, we maintain a policy that any dog left in excess of 30 days or $2000 without prior arrangement or advance payment for boarding with the owner of Come Sit Stay Dog Training, Shiloh Holland, will be considered abandoned by their owner. Come Sit Stay will make every reasonable effort to collect payments due, to contact the owner, and to contact the emergency contact listed before finding a responsible home for any abandoned dogs. It is NEVER our intention to separate dogs from their loving, responsible owners.