Pricing is based off of a standardized schedule, but likely to vary according to the amount of training, remedial behavior challenges, premiums charged for travel and nights or weekends. We try to maintain fair, honest, and transparent pricing policies. If you have any questions about our pricing, please ask! Half hour evaluations remain free, though we do require a $50 refundable deposit for scheduling.


Group classes are always $100/6 week course! We try to make sure that affordable training options are always available for everyone. Group classes are open to dog friendly, vaccinated dogs. If we don’t have a specific topic already planned, we are more than happy to accommodate groups who want to learn something new. Any group of 4 or more teams is a new class. We also offer a referral program for group students.


Private lessons are private consultations which take place in your home or at a designated place. We often offer private lessons in our agility park, at pet friendly stores, or at any problematic place. Private lessons are suited to any dog and family. Dogs with reactive, aggressive, or unique behavioral concerns usually benefit best from this type of training. As in group classes, dog-handler teams are shown the principals of training techniques specific to their customized training program during approximately hour-long sessions, then given the week to practice their new knowledge before the next lesson. Private lessons start at $375 for a package of 5 lessons, or $125/lesson. Prices may increase for additional dogs, travel, or off hours. A package of 45 lessons aimed at handlers who are training working dogs can be purchased in bulk for $3000. Our private lesson intake form is located here.


Boarded training is offered in partnership with the amazing boarding opportunities at Dreamy Dogs Pet Salon & Hotel. All training is provided at a flat rate, with kennel sizes determining boarding rates. All rates are listed here. We decided that this spectacular partnership would best suit our increased demand for boarded training. With more loving, devoted, professional dog people available, all of our boarded training dogs get the affection they deserve in addition to the quality, ethical training we have always provided. If you feel that boarded training is the best for your busy schedule or unique situation, please contact us so that we can help! Our required intake form is located here or we will send it to you before training can begin for your convenience. A comprehensive boarded training program for approved puppies in training to become Service Dogs has been developed. Please read about that here!


We have found that some clients have very busy schedules and they benefit from a little extra help. For these clients, we offer weekly or twice-weekly training sessions with established clients. Sessions may cost as little as $75/2 lessons or $45/1 lesson. In maintenance training, we provide your dog with a training professional who will practice established behavioral cues, practice new cues, and provide valuable enrichment activities which can reduce anxiety, improve daily behavior, and help your dog learn. Maintenance training is aimed at and priced for families who find themselves lacking time to work with their dog, but value the benefits of training. Custom is the name of this game.


Cancellation, Payment, Reservations

As a convenience for our clients, and to ensure that each client can access training at their earliest convenience, we encourage clients to place a $50 deposit for any scheduled training. This deposit will be applied directly to training costs and is refundable for cancellations 48 hours in advance of scheduled appointments. Beginning March 2022, no appointments will be made without a deposit and intake form. You can access our intake form directly here. We are looking forward to working with you!