Training Memberships

We are excited to offer a new format for group classes! Beginning October 2019 we plan to offer two new training memberships. We will offer new advanced classes in addition to our beginner, intermediate, and service dog based classes. Advanced classes will cover programs like Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt, Tricks and Games, and Treibball. Every two months we will change programs to keep dogs and owners interested and learning new things.

Clients will be able to purchase punch cards for 6 group lessons for the standard $100. Clients who purchase and attend 6 6-week punch cards will earn a free 6 weeks! Pick and choose which weeks to learn with no weekly commitment. Lessons must be attended within 12 weeks of purchase and are documented on your personal punch card.

We will also be introducing a yearly membership. Clients will be able to purchase a membership to attend every group class we offer for 365 days from date of purchase. Regardless of previous attendance, clients will be able to enroll one handler (and up to two dogs) in all of our beginner, intermediate, advanced classes, AND agility at a flat rate paid in advance. Yearly members will have access to the Come Sit Stay Agility Park year round.

Memberships have not yet been planned and will be available for purchase no later than October 2019. We are very interested in your input, ideas, and requests. Feel free to contact us with anything you’d like to see in your local training community!