Imagine a world where there aren’t any unloved dogs. A world where training was so available that every dog was a pleasure to be around and easily found a home because dog ownership was so easy.  That is the world I want to see. That is why I started Come Sit Stay. We are here to make training enjoyable, affordable, and simple.

Shiloh has more than 15 years of experience training in obedience, rescue rehabilitation, Canine Good Citizenship award, Therapy dog training, and service dog training. Please contact us for information on programs, specials, discounts, and with any questions. We’re here to help!

We believe in positive reinforcement and force free training. Science and good sense indicate that any animal will respond better to rewards for good behavior. For more information, please contact us.

It is our belief that the relationship between an animal and a human is a tenuous balance of trust and respect. Confidence, caution, consistency, and care should be applied in all aspects of animal management. When these tenets are applied in life you can create a relationship that is inspirational.


Founder, Owner, Head Trainer, Rescue enthusiast, 19 years professional experience
I registered my first pets as therapy dogs REALLY early on. This does not, of course, account for any professional aspect of dog training. And being self-taught might indicate a predilection toward an activity, but certainly doesn’t qualify a dog trainer. So I volunteered at the shelter as much as I could, gaining an early understanding of animal management and how to maintain a kennel. Cats are easier if you don’t consider cleaning litter boxes difficult. In high school I studied off and on with a Schutzhund trainer that lived nearby and got a really good handle on classical conditioning. Let’s not forget that I still had my original therapy dog (Rippity was a chihuahua/min pin at our best guess and lived to be approximately 23 years old, working well into his late teens.) as well as several other dogs of my own who were at one point or another working therapy dogs.
Seemingly off topic, I’m also an avid reader. My mother was an english teacher and passionate about literacy, so of course there was lots of encouragement to READ! If I wasn’t stealing my dad’s science fiction novels, I was hunting books on dog training in the library. (Oh look! It wasn’t off topic at all!) I read everything I could get my hands on, took it outside and experimented with any furry, four legged creature I could find. Seriously. All of them. Cats, dogs, hamsters, my best friend’s rat… You know what else you can train? Horses! I’ve done that professionally too. Arabians.
Shortly after graduating high school I started training dogs in basic obedience professionally. I’ve got limited experience in the show ring (obedience and a conformation class or two), but my passion is helping the literal underdog, which you seldom find in the ring. So I went back to the shelters and volunteered my time and experience there. You can still find me there from time to time and I happily sponsor rescue dogs on specific criteria for training. 🙂
That’s where I got my start. I’ve been training therapy dogs, shelter dogs, dogs found in ditches, purebred frilly dogs, obedience trial show dogs, “the world’s worst” dogs, and service dogs ever since.
Trainer, Rescue enthusiast, Owner/Handler

I am passionate about the good treatment and training of dogs. I have spent the last 3 years training dogs professionally and am pursuing education as a veterinary technician in my spare time. My specialty is in puppy training and service dog work. I look forward to training with you!