Therapy Dogs

We offer a periodic 6-week class which encourages participants to practice therapy dog work in public environments. We also encourage the acquisition of therapy dog behaviors through private lessons or boarded training.

Therapy dog candidates have completed beginner obedience, are friendly and calm in public, and their handlers have an interest in helping improve the lives of others. This class may include trips to local nursing homes, hospitals, schools, daycare, or libraries. We focus on teaching the Therapy Dogs International test requirements and helping our dogs learn to be responsible canine citizens

Therapy dogs are handled by a human for the comfort of many other members of society. They can bring joy and fulfillment to ill, injured, and lonely people who might otherwise not have the privilege of a pet. Therapy dogs require lots of training and do NOT have public access rights where pets might otherwise not be welcomed.

Information about TDI, a popular Therapy Dog registry organization with an excellent reputation and high standards can be found here. The trainer aims to help clients and their dogs pass this test if that is their goal.