Virtual Training

We are happy to offer online consulting. While we specialize in fear rehabilitation, we find that many clients are unable to attend a class in person for various reasons. We currently offer video and phone call consultations to help you train and resolve any issues you may have.

Clients often have the time, the dedication, the drive to work on training their own dogs at home, but they run into minor road blocks. Even major rehabilitation can be effective with the right advice from the right trainer. But positive reinforcement trainers are not so easy to find. To help rectify this serious lack of support in the dog training world, we have expanded our training style.

We divide our usual 1-hour training sessions into two private video or phone consultations. This program is ideal for those whose schedule varies widely, who cannot initially take their dogs safely into public, or who cannot attend a positive training experience due to some other impediment. We offer this at the accommodating rate of $50/hour. Payments are accepted via venmo and zelle for this service. Please contact us directly for more information.