Boarded Training

Boarding is available

Boarded training options are offered for clients who do not wish to train their dogs in lessons or classes. Boarded training is offered with all positive training methods to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. Content covered in boarded training is highly specific to the dog boarded, but we frequently address beginner and intermediate obedience, remedial behaviors (digging, excessive jumping, fearful behaviors, aggression), and service dog tasks. Boarded training is an intensive boot camp for your dog. To minimize stress and increase learning, dogs are handled extensively throughout the day, with the understanding that each interaction is a learning experience. Boarded dogs are offered ample play time indoors and out, potty time, and down time for affection in addition to expert professional training.

We typically offer two lengths of boarded training, though specific duration may be provided upon request. The most common training is a 21-day training during which we can establish a reliable foundation of beginner obedience, or advance a dog through subsequent training programs as described below.

We also offer a 4 week training duration which can establish beginner and intermediate behaviors, remedial training, or puppy training. Extended training makes time for lots of public outings and socialization, ensuring that your dog understands his training in many environments.

If you have a different duration or training program, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate. As always, clients are welcome at any time to visit their boarded furry family members. We make a special effort for clients to see updates and keep in touch while part of their family isn’t at home.

Due to the popularity and success of our boarded training programs, we are excited to announce that we have partnered with a local boarding and grooming salon. Dreamy Dogs Hotel and Salon offers spectacular, compassionate boarding options and we at Come Sit Stay are able to maintain the quality and personal attention for each boarded training client at their kennel facility. For general pricing and information, please visit their website at or call us at 903.802.8317 or Dreamy Dogs at 214.400.4552 for booking or details.

Listed below are some of our most popular traditional training programs:

Beginner obedience: come, sit, down, stay, loose leash walking, settle, common non-remedial issues of jumping, leash pulling, rushing doors or stairs, and bite inhibition.

Puppy training: Puppy training includes all basic cues but also addresses socialization, nutrition, grooming acceptance, crate training, and potty training.

Intermediate training: nose work, distance recall, off lead work, extended stay, and specific task work.

Service dog training: Service dog work is highly specific to the individual who is disabled. We have experience training diabetic alert dogs, cardiac alert dogs, neurological alert and response dogs, and psychiatric service dogs. If you are interested in assistance with your service dog or service dog prospect, please contact us.

Remedial training: destructive behaviors, potty training over 10 months of age, dog and human aggression, escape artists… Remedial training often takes longer and requires more training time each day than initial or proactive training. Please call or schedule a meeting with the trainer to determine the appropriate duration of training for your pup with remedial training needs.

We try to make all training affordable. Because of this individualized attention, boarded training is not always the most economical option. If it is the safest or most effective option for your family, we will be happy to help. Please, never let finances prevent you from asking about training!