Group Classes

We have new beginner group classes which begin about every 6 weeks at PetSense Gun Barrel City! Classes are small and we provide lots of personal training time. We will soon be offering training Memberships!

Beginner Obedience Class

Our beginner obedience class starts you off with the basics of come, sit, down, stay, and loose leash walking, and we do address non-remedial behaviors like jumping on strangers and rushing out of doors. This class maintains a focus on learning to keep your dog’s attention in a distracting environment, establishing the beginning of basic cues, and learning to communicate. Handlers wanting to enroll in beginner class should sign up at Petsense. All dog-friendly, vaccinated dogs are welcome. Please bring your dog on a flat leash and collar or front clip harness with LOTS OF TREATS.

Please check with the location you’re interested in for dates! Sign up is at Petsense Gun Barrel City (903.887.0714) or Athens Animal Rescue Shelter (903.292.1287).

Intermediate Obedience Class

We offer intermediate group classes to graduates of beginner classes and handler/dog teams who can successfully test into the class. Intermediate class focuses on definition of the cues begun in beginner class, working in direct proximity to more challenging distractions, and distance work. We play games like “search” and tag. This class is a fast-paced, fun oriented time. Handlers interested in intermediate classes should invest in a 20 foot flat leash, a flat collar or front clip harness, and LOTS OF TREATS.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are usually private lessons, though I am open to any group that wishes to organize for the lower price offered to groups held at Petsense. Advanced classes are privately tailored to the clients enrolled and can focus on search and rescue, therapy dog training, service dog tasks, agility, games and tricks, or any other fun activity. We will begin offering advanced group classes on a membership basis. More information here! Supplies for this class or lessons will be specific to the coursework.

Agility Training Class

Contact us to get registered today!

Service & Therapy Dog Training

We regularly organize Service Dog classes and Therapy dog classes.

Problem Solving Behavioral Classes

Problem Solving Classes are held periodically, often free of charge, at Petsense. These classes are usually instructional courses for handlers only, but details are listed when the classes are scheduled.

Please find information about our pricing here.