Maintenance Training

We are happy to offer a unique new service! We understand that our clients are often busy with families, careers, and the general hubbub of life. Sometimes, you don’t have time to work with your dog the way we all should. After having heard this concern from multiple clients, we decided to do something about it! We are pleased to announce maintenance training. For an hour once or twice a week we will practice your dog’s established training and teach him new cues while you’re at work! This valuable maintenance training is performed with the same scientific principles we use with all of our programs.

Clients can choose between weekly visits, twice weekly visits, or twice weekly visits with a short lesson each week. Dogs are worked for about an hour each visit, but we make sure not to burn your dog out on training! We always leave them wanting to “play” more. This program is a great alternative to “dog walkers” who might not be available or trustworthy. Dogs get plenty of exercise on and off leash, generalizing the cues they’ve already learned and learning new cues in a game format to facilitate critical thinking and reduce anxious behaviors. A thoughtful dog is a tired dog. Contact us to schedule your maintenance training consultation!