Training Services


I am so excited about our new class. After much procrastination, I finally decided that instead of waiting on me to finish the equipment before I posted a date, I’d work better with a deadline. I should have known this all along. I always get goals accomplished faster if I set a deadline. Better yet, if I have something to hold me accountable, like clients who know what my deadline is…


So our newest class, Agility I, will begin May 12th. We will have 3 kinds of weave poles to teach dogs weaving most efficiently. Efficient weaving leads to faster times, which leads to wins. While I was planning the class, I quickly realized that if I teach students to handle their dogs to proficiency suitable for competition, there is absolutely no way that I can include every obstacle or even half of the information they will need in just 6 weeks. Because my goals in teaching the class are to help students learn correctly, and to help dogs gain confidence and body condition, I decided to break the information into two 6-week courses. Both will be packed full of agility information, new cues, body work (for the dog), learning science, agility obstacles, patterns, and fun.

The Agility Park will be a place for local dogs to play, exercise, train, and informally compete. Come Sit Stay will have a supply box in the arena to safeguard extra equipment, water, first aid supplies, and training materials. We hope to make this a safe, fun place to take dogs in the community and to gain a deeper understanding of dog training. We’ll see you there!