Litter Boxes

OK, so let’s all use get the “EWWWW!” out of our systems now. Dogs do some really gross things. Like snack out of the litter box and then lick you in the face. After they’very strewn litter from here to next year. And no, your vacuum is never gonna get all of that up. Just ditch the carpet already.

I have been advising clients for over a decade about how to train their dogs to stay out of the litter box. Very few ever actually achieve this elusive goal. But we still have dogs and litter boxes and just one home and everyone has to get along. Here’she my strategy for teaching dogs to stay out of litter boxes (seriously, stop calling about this):

Prevention is worth much more than a cure. Any time your dog shows interest in something disgusting and unhealthy, distract, divert, and redirect him to something for which you can reward him. Keep him put up when you cannot supervise.

There. What if you’ve adopted the perfect 3 year old lab from the shelter though? And this is his only vice? My instructions remain the same. Keep temptation well out of reach. He can get inside every covered box you have bought! And here my advice has failed you…UNTIL NOW!

Introducing a thing in which I had no part of development nor monetary interest: the Door Buddy!

If you absolutely cannot supervise your dog, crate him when he cannot be supervised, or my very sound training advice does not otherwise suit your lifestyle, try this new thing. It’s force-free and doesn’t hurt the dog in the process of keeping him out of the litter. Finally, a solution for everyone. Until he figures out how to climb anyway…