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Food Puzzles (Destruction, Crate training, and Anxiety)

Crate training, redirection, and keeping a dog busy in general can be a full time job. Fortunately, some humans have proven to be smarter than our furry companions. We have developed food puzzles. This is the doggy equivalent of humans eating crab legs out of the shell: it takes longer and is therefore more delicious.… Continue reading Food Puzzles (Destruction, Crate training, and Anxiety)

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Overcoming Avoidance

Sometimes our four legged friends just don’t want us to touch them. Perhaps they have always been this way, or maybe they’ve developed an avoidance since a recent trip to the groomer (discuss it with your groomer and seriously consider a switch). Unfortunately, this behavior can put our pets’ health and safety (and yours) at risk. Nails need to be trimmed, teeth… Continue reading Overcoming Avoidance