Training Advice

15 Beginner Obedience Cues

I have so many people ask me what we teach in beginner obedience class. Group classes vary slightly from class to class, but private lessons are world apart. I’ve decided, for my convenience more than anything, to make a list of cues we teach in beginner obedience class and their meanings if needed:

  • Sit
  • (Lay) Down
  • Stand (on four feet)-this cue is used to exercise a dog isometrically, to facilitate handling by the owner, vet, groomer, or judge, and is a foundational cue for dogs who will go into any advanced work, especially service dog work.
  • Sit-stay
  • Down-stay
  • Stand-stay
  • Off (of people or furniture)
  • Leave it (food or tempting objects)
  • Up (paws up on an object or person)-this cue is used to help dogs understand getting into cars, onto examination tables, onto furniture, or to provide a foundation of understanding for advanced work.
  • Take it (pick up an object)
  • Thank you (hand deliver an object)
  • Watch me (focus eye contact on the handler)
  • Roll over
  • Bang (play dead)
  • Loose leash walking

In addition to these, we discuss potty training, crate training, and basic grooming techniques as needed by individuals in the class. Group classes are packed into 6 weekly, hour-long lessons and students are encouraged to practice with their dogs everywhere between classes. Our sixth class consists of exams and graduation which includes a diploma and pictures! Group classes are open to all dog-friendly, vaccinated dogs and we have tons of fun!